When Xzibit does something, he does it big and he does it correct! Xzibit defines ‘correct’ as the truth and it’s what he expects as a consumer – and he hopes his fan’s expectations are the same! Xzibit’s musical career grew to become one of the hottest acts in West Coast Hip-Hop, charting with Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre. Since then, he’s made his way into prime time TV on the silver screen.

The 420 Book caught up with West Coast Hip-Hop Legend Alvin Nathaniel “Xzibit” Joiner to talk about his grassroots approach to the cannabis industry with his Brass Knuckles product line and 1930’s prohibition-themed campaign.  We chatted with Xzibit over phone lines as he was preparing for a next day flight to Chicago. In Chicago, he’ll be working on his current acting project, the FOX hit TV show Empire –  a show that introduces viewers to the Hip-Hop music industry with its gripping storyline-  The very same industry that defined Xzibit as an up and comer until mastering it.  Xzibit will debut as a regular in Season 3 as fans and viewers continue to stay tuned for the scheduled premier September 21st, 2016.

420B:  Congratulations on your role on Empire.

Xzibit:  Thank you!

420B: The 420 Book’s a big fan of the show.  Please tell Cookie we say, “Hi!”

I will! Thank you!

420B: Do you smoke now?

Not while I am working.

420B: Talk to me about your decision to brand into the Marijuana Industry.

Being a musician, I have definitely had a long standing relationship with the benefits of marijuana before it became medically legal.  We were using it when it was illegal. As marijuana makes its transition, everyone is starting to see the benefits, not just from recreational use but medical. I come from a business background which includes marketing and development of brands.

I am very good at it outside of the cannabis industry.  Branding Brass Knuckles was just like putting two and two together.  My partners and I really share the same vision when it comes to our mission statement, “We Deliver”. We’re just stepping in to do what we have to do to support the movement.

420B: Did you run the numbers and see the profitability of this industry?

I didn’t get into this thinking of money.  My other business ventures are definitely doing well.  The bottom line is getting something in consumer hand’s that is giving them their monies worth.  That is our grassroots approach and just being real with it. We try to put something real into consumer hands – that’s why we offer a full gram.  Most products in this market place right now will tell you,  you are getting a full gram when in reality your only getting a half gram or something close to it.

420B: You’ve got a 1930’s theme going on with Brass Knuckles.

Tell us about that.

Our biggest push for Brass Knuckles with the 1930’s theme was putting the focus behind prohibition. We had a vision for Brass Knuckles and it has come together beautifully.  We have some wonderful ideas as it evolves. We wanted to keep it unique and give it something fun to work with.

420B: Tell us about the Brass Knuckles Vaporizer and Cartridges.

Brass Knuckles pride itself on being a full gram 100% of the time.  We are the super premium brand, the only one on the market that we consider super premium. We have 14 different flavors. Gorilla Glue seems to be most prominent and most popular. We looked at all the problems with other carts and measured everything we disliked about those products, fixed it and approved it into Brass Knuckles. People work hard for their money.  We just want to give them a quality product that they can be satisfied with.

420B: What other products do you have in your product line?

We have the Napalm flower, the LOL Taffy’s, then of course the Brass Knuckles Vape.  We also have a collaboration on the Brass Knuckles line coming soon called “Abracadabra” and a Napalm skew coming out as well. Look out for Napalm which will be in markets this month, September.  “Abracadabra” will be out in November in conjunction with the film “Grow House” written and directed by DJ Pooh.

420B: Can you tell us about your personal relationship with marijuana.

Is there a story we can write about?

I don’t have one particular experience that I can draw from but the biggest thing that I went through when I started discovering the benefits of marijuana is that it definitely kept me off of opiates and pain killers.  I’ve used marijuana to help me relax and it has helped me be creative.

I have written a lot of music and been in many sessions where I’ve benefited from marijuana being there.  Those are the benefits that I’ve gotten.

420B: Many artist’ say that being in the studio and marijuana go hand in hand.  Do you agree?

Sometimes.  Sometimes it’s better to go in with a clear mind. If you have everything that you need created then it becomes about performance and execution, you need a clear mind for that.

420B: You did an interview in Canada where you were asked, “What is the secret to success?” You answered it, “Just Be You.”  Do you feel that this is your destiny – this is you?

Who you are before success is who you are after you get it.

420B: What drives you?

My family, my wife and my children.  They are my motivating factor.

420B:Anything you would like The 420 Book readers to know?

We are the super premium brand.  The only one in the market we consider super premium.

“We’ve got a lot of love for GreenWolf, LoudPack Extracts, 710 KingPen, Berner & the Cookies Brand, all of our friends B-Real & B-Real TV, all of our people we know from the music industry who’s taking the cannabis world by storm and people who take it seriously, Xzibit concluded. “That’s who we affiliate ourselves with, that’s who we associate with in the Cannabis World.  We try to give a personable feeling and product to the people.  Brass Knuckles will always uphold that. We definitely feel we have a real good solid grass roots approach. The response we got from the people is amazing and we are going to continue doing that.  Thank you for the support.”

The cannabis industry is unfolding exponentially and music acts from coast to coast want a piece. Xzibit is no different. Fans like the Brass Knuckles vaporizer line for its honest labeling and consistent quality. There will be no hint of solvent taste here!  With 14 flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find a favorite. Who will be the lucky patients to try Brass Knuckles vaporizers? Be the first and experience the quality for yourself!

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