• What is your product? 

Speakeasy offers a variety of premium cannabis oils and concentrates. Our flagship vaporizer products are made from pure full spectrum cannabinoid-and terpene-rich oil.  They have no additives or adulterants that compromise Speakeasy’s commitment to quality and customers. What makes Speakeasy’s vape pens truly stand out from the competition is the golden color and a flavor that resembles the flavor of the flower itself. To date, one of the main complaints of cannabis vaporizers is the chemical taste and crude dark extracts that have suppressed their popularity. Speakeasy has identified and solved this problem with leading industry Ph.D. scientists and cutting edge scientific techniques.  To compliment the pure golden cannabis oil in the cartridge, Speakeasy has designed a stainless steel battery with an industry-first magnetic top for easy access to the mouthtip and vaping access.

Perhaps, most exciting addition to the Speakeay710 product line is the completely new dab dispenser and naturally derived single component cannabis terpenes. The new dab dispenser offers a convenient and discreet way to dab pure golden oil in dab rigs and to refill empty cartridges with little mess.  The new terpene line recently introduced in October 2016 includes a set of five beautifully designed individual 15 mL bottles of myrcene, pinene, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene  or a complete set of five.  Terpenes are a group of fragrant essential oils common to many foods, plants and herbs such as cannabis. This includes citrus fruits such as oranges, flowers such as lavender, trees such as pine and other conifers, and a wide variety of plant species such as hops, lemongrass, herbs, and those cultivated for spices. The pharmacological profile of smoked marijuana presents many similarities to those of its key psychotropic constituent, Δ9 –THC. However, there is ample evidence that the two profiles do not completely overlap and that the overall experience of smoking the plant material is substantially different from that of using THC by itself. For this reason there has been a major research effort to study the pharmacological properties of the herb’s individual components, such as terpenes and other cannabinoids.  The medicinal benefits of THC and CBD contribute little to the fragrance and largely to the pharmacological effects. In contrast, Lighter lower molecular weight terpenes contribute to the complex aroma of Cannabis and the varying levels of the terpene components offer distinct aroma qualities that are strain specific. The terpenes are known to modulate the effects of the cannabinoids in a synergistic fashion and the availability of these naturally derived single component cannabis terpenes is an exciting advance in the cannabis industry.  It offers patients even more ways to modulate the their experience with the plant.

Looking at some of the other product lines that Speakeasy710 offers you immediately get a sense of the attention to quality that detail that is taken to make these products. Generally, edible products are made from the lowest quality crude oil. However, when it comes to Speakeasy710 you will notice that even their edible and topical CBD and THC Tonics are made with the highest quality “clear” oil. The oil is so golden and clear that when blended in our organic grapeseed oil it looks unison. The taste is outstanding and comes in either 200 mg CBD or 500 mg varieties that are packaged in 15 mL dropper bottles for easy use.

• Supply background of the company? 

Speakeasy710 was founded in 2015 by two industry pioneers coming together from two different parallels of the sector. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D. is a leading authority on cannabis, prior to starting Speakeasy710 Dr. Hartsel was the Director of Research and Development at Privateer Holdings, Director of Research and Development at Cannavest Corporation, a stock exchange traded hemp CBD company and started building out one of the first cannabis testing companies in CA, Delta-9 Technologies.  He has been awarded 6 first place High Times cannabis cups for his work, published several peer-reviewed journals, authored 2 patents, and coauthored a nutraceutical book on Cannabis sativa. Mike Kelly, President and Founder of Speakeasy710 has been an advocate and participant in the cannabis movement since its early days.  Prior to Speakeasy710, Mr. Kelly operated Aloha dispenserary in Santa Ana, California and helped draft measure BB, a ballot initiative for the licensing of dispensaries.

Details on Josh

CEO/Co-Founder Speakeasy710

Dr. Joshua Hartsel is the CEO and Co-founder of Speakeasy710, a premium cannabis brand that sets news standards for aroma, flavor, purity and potency in both THC and CBD products. Inspired by 1920’s prohibition, Speakeasy710 is a salute to overcoming the stigma and harms caused by cannabis control in a classy and authentic way.

As a scientist first and foremost Dr. Hartsel is a leading authority on cannabis chemistry and has directed some of the world’s top laboratories working on cannabis extraction and analysis. In 2011 he founded one of the first cannabis testing laboratories in California, Delta-9 Technologies, and developed rapid methods to test for cannabinoids, terpenes, and biological contaminants using modern chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques. As the Director of R&D at Cannavest Corp, his large-scale extraction expertise earned six High-Times Cannabis Cup awards for concentrates, pioneering the crystallization of CBD. Over his career he has co-authored several peer-reviewed journals, a book on cannabinoids and terpenes (Nutraceuticals – Efficacy, Safety, and Toxicity), and served as an inventor on key patent applications. One on the isolation of cannabinoids (Improved Process for Generating Hemp Oil with a High Cannabidiol (CBD) Content; US Patent Application #62/020,053) and the other was developing species-selective insecticides for malaria control with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (US Patent# 8,618,162). Dr. Hartsel has extensive experience building and managing large-scale production facilities and analytical chemistry laboratories focused on cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements.

With his sights now set on the inevitable legalization of cannabis in the United States, Dr. Hartsel along with many industry partners, are supplying a much needed product with main stream appeal. Speakeasy710 intends to refine and ramp up production in California and expand into other legal markets. Every detail of the Speakeasy710 brand, bridges between the style and sophistication of prohibition, with a new modern format and product line.


• Director of R&D – Privateer Holdings

• Director of R&D – Cannavest Corp.

• President at Delta-9 Technologies, LLC


• The University of California, Postdoctoral Fellow: Public Health

• Virginia Tech, Ph.D.: Medicinal Organic Chemistry

• Radford University B.S.: Chemistry

• What’s the significance of the lab testing involved? 

• Accurate Dosing

• Consistent product quality

• Health safety

• Get what you pay for

• Validation by a credible third party

• Meets industry standards for quality, potency, safety

• Future development of more precise therapeutic relief through strain specific ,THC, CBD, terpene’s

• Who are the partners/owners? What are their backgrounds? 

Please see above

• What attributes separates your company from the competition? 

• Pure Golden Cannabis Oil

• Background of the founders

• Flavor, Aroma, Potency and Purity

• Commitment to quality

• Quality control

• Qualified people with in-depth cannabis industry experience

• What are the milestones/ benchmarks you’ve achieved? 

• First full case battery setup with magnetic removable mouth piece

• Full Terpene line at a great price of only $200 for a set of 5 (Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene, Limonene)

• Built a brand that commemorates prohibition and has a wide mainstream appeal but still stays true to the authenticity of the industry

• Had a collaboration project with called Wugoo Ghost Face Killer and Killah Priest from Wutang Clan

• Large production capacity to expand business model throughout California and future legal markets

• Built at team with professional people, packaging, oil quality

• What’s in the future? 

• Expansion into other States and Countries

• Introduction of new products in the health, wellness and nutritional supplement markets

• A full apparel  line (hats, shirts, stickers, guitar pics)

• Competing in industry recognized events