Achieving your dreams is one thing, however keeping your dreams alive while you develop and expand is something that Jocko Sims has become adept at.  The 420 Book had the opportunity to sit down with this talented artist to learn more about his current projects and to find out how he keeps it all in check.

With a thriving acting career and solid resume built over the past thirteen years that includes multiple film and television series such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Dreamgirls, Jarhead, The Last Ship on TNT, Crash on Starz, and I’m Dying Up Here, which will air in 2017.

Jocko’s most current project The Last Ship (executive producer Michael Bay) is something he’s particularly excited about. The series centers around the crew of a naval destroyer forced to confront the reality of life, after a pandemic kills off most of the planet’s population. Jocko plays Lt. Carlton Burk, a man who is not to be toyed with in this post-apocalyptic world. Jocko originally signed on for only five episodes, which has turned into five seasons. He had the opportunity to visit the crews from actual naval ships based in San Diego, “Those are the real heroes,” he says.  We highly recommend streaming the first two seasons of The Last Ship on Hulu.

The most intriguing thing about Jocko is his ability to wear many hats. He works as an actor, director, producer, host and musician. For instance, Jocko co-hosts a radio show, “Apollo Night LA” with Karen, Arif, and Guy every Monday night, 7pm PST. Karen, Jocko’s mother, decided to create a forum to interact and highlight new music artists, in the spirit of New Yorks Apollo Theater. What began as an exciting Twitter campaign for his mother, has now grown into a weekly radio show that draws unsigned artists from around the world to be reviewed and critiqued.  The show includes celebrity guests and musical artist from Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal who meet up in a “relaxed atmosphere” to talk shop and inspire others. (To learn more about “Apollo Night LA”, check it out on or you can subscribe to their YouTube channel)

Sims’ ties to music does not end there. While he stays focused on acting, directing, producing and writing, he also makes time for his own music projects. The 420 Book got an exclusive listen into his music endeavors and he will no doubt be turning heads and bringing a new vibe to the Southern California music scene.

We asked Jocko how he felt about the Cannabis movement, and what he sees as the future of it. “I know that it has many healing effects.” He continues, “I think it’s great, because we’re becoming more liberal as a nation, which is long overdue. Our prison population is full of people that really should not be there because of Cannabis crimes and I fully support how it can potentially help our economy.” We couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Jocko Sims is quietly becoming a triple threat upon the Hollywood scene. When asked where he draws the strength and inspiration to tackle all of the projects he is working on, the Actor states that the formula for success is to simply “Get out of your own way”.