Xzibit: Brass Knuckles

When Xzibit does something, he does it big and he does it correct! Xzibit defines ‘correct’ as the truth and it’s what he expects as a consumer - and he hopes his fan’s expectations are the same! Xzibit’s musical career grew to become one of the hottest acts in West Coast Hip-Hop, charting with Cypress [...]

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• What is your product?  Speakeasy offers a variety of premium cannabis oils and concentrates. Our flagship vaporizer products are made from pure full spectrum cannabinoid-and terpene-rich oil.  They have no additives or adulterants that compromise Speakeasy’s commitment to quality and customers. What makes Speakeasy’s vape pens truly stand out from the competition is the [...]

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Canna Kids

Sophie Isabella Ryan was born October 3, 2012, perfectly healthy weighing in at 8 pounds, 7.4 ounces. On June 20, 2013, Sophie had her first MRI scan after nystagmus, shaking of the eyeball, presented in her left eye, and on June 23rd, at 8 ½ months old, Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade, Optic Pathway [...]

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You’ve seen her on Instagram. Her tongue is out, her tits are out, and she really needs to ash that blunt before she makes a mess on the carpet. This girl will be Type A. On the contrary, those who are Type B are not girls—they are women. They are professionals, perhaps growers, budtenders, or [...]

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Time for a Trim

Trimmigrants Return for the 2016 Harvest Season Even in many of the largest-scale commercial cannabis cultivation operations, finished bud must be trimmed by hand by a human being. Trimming involves the delicate process of snipping the excess leaves off of buds that requires the human touch. The bud is too far valuable to be wasted [...]

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Prop 64

By WFWP President, Sean T Kiernan The proponents of Prop 64 or AUMA have planned very well for this November’s election, laying out their strategy to victory via superior financial firepower and obfuscation by intertwining hundreds of pages of law and diverting everyone’s attention with the carrot called “legalization” that if truth mattered in our [...]

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Achieving your dreams is one thing, however keeping your dreams alive while you develop and expand is something that Jocko Sims has become adept at.  The 420 Book had the opportunity to sit down with this talented artist to learn more about his current projects and to find out how he keeps it all in [...]

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Gummy 420

Caleb Wilborn, CEO of Sticky Vend Inc., is not your typical Chief Executive Officer. He is not your typical Chief Executive Officer. He is laid back, humble, and could not care less about the “bottom line” that drives most businesses. When he isn’t crafting amazing custom surf boards, or volunteering with the nonprofit SurfersHealing.org, he is [...]

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Chicks cannot hold their smoke

Chicks cannot hold their smoke, dat's what is. Brian Johnson, from The Breakfast Club, captures the predominant attitude of the cannabis community—in regards to girls chiefing*. 2 Although this quote is from 1985, this perception remains the dominant attitude of many. But what does it mean to “hold your smoke”? The hegemonic opinion of the [...]

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A Tale of Two Edibles

The FDA approves medication in candy form containing amphetamines, but rejects cannabis-infused edibles in the same breath. In legal states, cannabis-infused edibles have been blamed for appealing to children and destroying a young, impressionable generation. Since stimulants, opiates and other dangerous drugs are approved freely for children in edible form, shouldn’t cannabis as well? The way the FDA handles edibles represents everything that’s [...]

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